Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University

Laboratory of Molecular Rheology

(Division of Multidisciplinary Chemistry)

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Scope of Reserach:

@The molecular origin of various rheological properties of materials is studied. Depending on time or temperature, polymeric materials exhibit typical features of glass, rubber or viscous liquid, which give rise to wide applicability and good processability of polymers. For a basic understanding of such features, the motion and the structural change of polymer molecules in deformed materials are studied. Measurements are performed of rheological properties with various rheometers, of molecular orientation with flow birefringence.


  • Professor WATANABE, Hiroshi
  • Assosiate Professor MASUBUCHI, Yuichi
  • Assistant Professor MATSUMIYA, Yumi
  • Technician OKADA, Shinichi
  • Professor Inoue has moved to Department of Macromolecular Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University.



    KAJIKAWA, Yukie

  • The Second International Workshop for Far East Asian Young Rheologists

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